The Anatomy of a Street Shoot 7-30-2015 Pt. 2

On 7-30-2015, a friend and I went to downtown Phoenix to do some street shooting. We took the Phx. Light Rail and we sat in the front row of this particular car by the door. At one of the stops, these two individuals got into a heated argument while they were standing on the platform. Their argument became quite heated and it drifted into the light rail car.

The following images are the 21-shot sequence as they had a full-out-drag-out fight in the car. The fight lasted exactly 27-seconds and it ended as quickly as it started. There was no further comments from anyone else in the car and it seemed that it was just another uneventful night on the Phoenix Light Rail.

For those wondering, this was shot on a 35mm lens at ISO 12,800. The first few shots were at f/5.6 but I changed to f/2.8 to get a little better stop-motion.

(Click to browse larger version)


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